Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'XKCD: Click and Drag' Without the Drag

By now, you may or may not have heard about today's xkcd comic. The final column is a window into a much larger picture which you can see little by little if you, as the comic subtly hints with its title, click and drag. A big picture. A huge picture. 165888x79872 pixels in size, to be exact. This can make it quite hard to navigate. For example, I've found myself accidentally dragging my mouse too far more than once and clicking a bookmark, resetting the entire picture.

So here we go: A quick guide on how to make navigating the xkcd comic as painless as possible. (Works for Google Chrome. Not entirely sure about other browsers.)

First, your map. (Click to enlarge):

You may find this useful around those goddamn tunnels

Second, while you're on the xkcd page, open the JavaScript console (should be under Settings > Tools) and paste this code:
javascript:$('#comic').removeAttr('style'); $('.map').css('z-index',1).css('background','#fff');$('body').css('overflow','hidden');
Press enter. This should make the picture go full screen. (Source)

Last, go here and copy paste the code you find exactly as you did before. This should allow you to use the arrow keys to scroll rather than just your mouse.

Simple, no? Happy exploring.

Much love



Or you could just go here. Someone's finally put together and released the full image.


  1. Love it :P Thanks for posting this. It makes much easier navigation through that image!

  2. Nicely done.

    So on your map above, there's the black underground square to the right of the whole tunnel complex, and to the left of the suspension bridge (and deep down). What's that denoting? I can't find anything there (unless it's something on very dark gray writing on black background that I can't perceive with my monitor or something).

  3. Oh, there's nothing there. The other two squares are jellyfish though.

    1. Yeah, I found the jellyfish. And then that one seems to be Cthulhu watching a TV or something.

      And the highest altitude thing are the space whales.